The Creative Visioneer

A Multidisciplined Creative, Healer and Coach!

“Life is too short to be gray and not to live each day to the FULLest. Be intentional…be authentic…and live in COLOR.”

– Ty Brooks

Allow me to introduce myself...

There is nothing simple or ordinary about me – Tynisha “Ty” Brooks.  I am a medley of all things creative, conjuring, colorful and cultural.  My love affair with all things creative began when my mother gave me a sage piece of advice.  One day,  I told her that I wanted to be a fashion designer when I grew up.  She then said “If you want to be a designer; you must learn all about the arts”... from that moment, that is what I did.

As a young woman, I became a student of art and culture – learning about music, theatre, art history, poetry, dance and design in addition to how culture was closely connected to all art forms.  I developed an appreciation for various forms of cultural arts such as rangoli, bellydance and flamenco.   As an African American woman, closest to my heart, are the various art forms throughout the African diaspora that allow me to connect to various parts of my identity as a “Diafrican.” (term coined by The Diafrican Reunion)

My formal postgraduate education was at Howard University where I studied fashion for a year before moving forward with interior and graphic design.  After Howard, I studied for a year in the MBA program at the University of Maryland University College before enrolling in the life coaching program at the International Coach Academy (ICA).  I continued adding to my creative arsenal by studying event and television production before taking formal training in photography and cinematography at The Bakery Studio which is the home of celebrity photographer Derrel Todd.  I am also a Reiki Master and shamanic apprentice.  In addition to my formal training, I am also an enthusiast of fashion, aromatherapy, color theory, crystals, chakras, astrology and numerology which are all included in my professional mix of services.

To experience the world through this unique lens helped shaped my point of view in developing a career as a professional artist.  I knew that I had a flair for putting things together aesthetically.  I wanted to combine my aesthetic acumen with my desire to help people bring their dreams to fruition. I was most interested in amplifying the work of the African diaspora. With that mission in mind, I wanted a career that would allow me to best use all facets of my skillset and allow me to fully direct my energies toward this mission.  After a brief stint in my “training grounds,” I coined the term “The Creative Visioneer,” along with a trusted advisor, to describe my chosen profession.

I am passionate about the diverse and authentic representation of the arts and culture as well the stability of the creative economy.  Through my umbrella company, ARTfropolitan Media,  and subsequent brands it is my mission to ensure that clients are able to exhibit their work in a manner that is unapologetically authentic and visually appealing.  Over 15 years of experience, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with a range of clients which include: BET Foundation, Step Afrika!, African Ancestry, Capital Jazz Productions and a host of others.

What's in
My Mojo Bag?

What are my talents?

There was a time when I felt that I lacked focus…but then I remembered – Wasn’t Benjamin Banneker a “Renaissance Man?”  Isn’t there such a thing as a “triple threat?”  So, I continue to add topics of interest to my mojo bag.  When I have an interest in something, I want to know the ends and outs of it because I look to master it.  It is apart of what makes my alchemy special.  Here’s a peek at some of the powers that I possess in my mojo bag.  Let the magic continue.

Coaching 0 %

Design 0 %

Branding 0 %

Creative & Art Direction 0 %

Photography 0 %

Makeup & Fashion Styling 0 %

Content Production 0 %

Vision Coaching

Why are you here?  What is the purpose you are here to fulfill?  Together let’s find and craft the vision.

Branding & Marketing

Branding is more than just a logo.  It requires a system that reflects identity, personality, culture and strategy.


Graphics.  Web.  Interiors.  Aesthetics are important but must include focus and intention.

Makeup & Styling

Are you ready for your close up?!  In addition to being your best, you should always look your best.


Smile for the camera!  Your personal and professional moments are worth a thousand words in images.

Content Production

Starting a new content series or have a production project?  I can help you.

What I can do
for You...

Services provided

Nothing makes me happier than to see one of my clients living and walking in their purpose.  My services are designed so that the best of me brings out the best in and for you.

Let's Collaborate

Let's be intentional in finding your alchemy and operating in your purpose.

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