“An Artist’s Duty, as far as I am concerned, is to reflect the times.  I believe that to be true of painters, sculptors, poets, musicians…I choose to reflect the times and situations in which I find myself…that, to me, is my duty…How Can you be An Artist and Not Reflect the times?  That, to me, is the definition of An Artist.”

 -Nina Simone, High Priestess of Soul


The Workspace for Tynisha "Ty" Brooks

Who is Tynisha Brooks?  What does she do? I, actually, get that question alot.  At my core, I am a creative with multiple talents centered in the arts, culture and spirituality.  Over the years, I pondered the answer to that question as it is difficult to put what I do into one box…I am a conjure woman…an alchemist…a healer…an artist.  I show up the way and how I need to show up.

I have always been inspired by those who made their own rules and lived life on their terms.  I also feel called to heal, lead and change the narrative…to leave an imprint amongst those I serve as evidence of my contribution to the world.  So, like in the novel “The Alchemist,” I set on a journey to find my magic and clarify my purpose.  This led me to define my profession – “creative visioneering.”

What is creative visioneering?  A set of tools and steps that I use to help clients live and walk in their purpose (vision).  Often that looks like:

  • Removing and healing blockages that keeps you shackled
  • Finding your alchemy
  • Coaching you to walk boldly into your purpose
  • Designing and packaging (brand) the life and career of your dreams

So the purpose of this site is to introduce myself, share samples of my work and tell you more about the empire I am building.

It is my sincere hope and intention that you, if we are aligned, leave this site with a little further insight into who I am and how I may be of service to you…or someone you know in the future.

Thank you for stopping by.

A Snapshot of My Work

I love collaborating with creatives and those who value creative solutions.  Check out some of my work representing the gamut of my skill set.

  • Portfolio 7 – Visual Brand & Graphic Design

    Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design

  • Portfolio 5 – Brand Expansion

    Graphic Design, Photography

  • Portfolio 6 – Honoree Tribute Video

    Cinematography, Video Editing

  • Portfolio 2 – Merchandise

    Graphic Design

  • Portfolio 1 – Event Series: Culture & Conversation

    Event Branding, Graphic Design

  • Portfolio 3 – The Songstress


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