Portfolio 7 – Visual Brand & Graphic Design

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Jerome S. Paige through his daughter, Dr. Gina Paige of African Ancestry.  After some time, Dr. Paige and I began working together on some of his projects.  It began as a graphic from time to time and now we are constant collaborators.  I have been able to be one of the constant creatives on the journey of Dr. Paige’s core brand, Jerome S. Paige and Associates (JSP&A), and his personal project – What’s On Jerome’s Mind (WOJM-SM).  The WOJM-SM brand is a collection of “conversations” that Dr. Paige scribes upon that cover various topics.  In addition, we collaborate on the 1960s project which was a commemoration of individuals sharing their experiences since leaving high school or school in the 1960s.

With these brands, I serve in multiple roles – graphic designer, brand manager, digital publisher and video blog producer.

Published: May 14, 2022


Jerome S. Paige & Associates (JSP&A)

Jerome S. Paige & Associates (JSP&A) provides economic consulting to businesses, law firms, government agencies, and non-profit organizations across the Washington Metropolitan Area